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Ok, I’ll admit it. I put in here everything that didn’t’ fit in the other sections of the blog. But hey, this is still interesting stuff. Besides, while researching I discovered I needed things I’d never imagined I would need, and I ended up reading book and watching films and documentaries I’d never imagined I would watch.

Now, isn’t that fun?



AA.VV., The Cocktail Book. A Sideboard Manual for Gentlemen. John Hamilton, ltd., London, 1926

Bonewits, Philip, Real Magic. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc., New York, 1971

Burrow, Terry, Drinking Games. Ryland Peters & Small, London, 2006

Cavalieri, Nate, Chicago Encounter. Lonely Planet, London, 2009

Hess, Robert, The Essential Bartender’s Guide. Mud Puddle Books, New York, 2008

Lambert, G.E., King of Jazz Johnny Dodds. Perpetua Books, New York, 1961

Marsalis, Wyntin, Moving to Higher Grounds. Random House, New York, 2008

McCutcheon, Marc, The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life from Prohibition through Word War II. Writerìs Digest Books, Cincinnati (OH), 1995

Takaki, A Different Mirror. A History of Multicultural America. Back Bay Books, New York, 1993

Tassinari, Guido, Storia degli Stati Uniti d’America. Alpha Test, Milano, 2003



Coal, Margaret, The Eagle Catcher. Barkley Publishing Group, New York, 1995


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