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Ghostly Smell Around

Just for the fun of it cover

Just for the fun of it cover

Everybody knows the Old Shelter speakeasy is haunted, though nobody knows for sure who the ghost is. Adam knows it isn’t his grandfather Stacy, as someone rumours, because he knows Stacy didn’t hung himself out of madness. He did it so to save his family from a curse.

Dream have haunted Sinéad since she first received the coin. The coin she’s supposed to give to a friend’s niece. Dreams of a dead woman. Dreams of a murdered woman.

Blood and Michael: Blood and Michael meet Sinéad by mare chance (or is everything in relation, as Blood says?) and they end up at the Old Shelter, a favourite place of hers. The moment they set foot in the club, Blood and Michael know some kind of will is at work there.
They don’t know what will that is, but they know it recognises the power inside Sinéad’s coin and takes strength from it. And with that strength, it grows, bending Adam’s mind, maybe driving him crazy the way it couldn’t his grandfather. Blood and Michael may be able to counter that will, but in order to do so, they have to let it touch them and dislodge painful memories they had buried deep in their souls long ago.

1 May 2014

I’m currently working on the final revision of this novel. I’m hoping to have it ready to go into the wide scary world of submission late this year.

29 August 2014
Last (hopefully) deep revision of Ghostly completed.


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