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There are a few other places on the net where you can find me. I’ll see you around.

amzn-amazon-stock-logo-300x300  This is my page on Amazon, where my book, film and cd review may be found. It isn’t all about the Twenties and my research, though a good part of it is.
Ch0SWFP7 The Critique Circle is the online workshop for writers I’ve been a member of for many years. It’s a place of learning and meeting. I love it.
Pinterest-150x150 My boards on Pinterest. Many are about my research, but not all of them. I like the idea of collecting imagines. A big part of my research has been about imagines because, contrary to descriptions, they allow you a more personal take on things.
download Etsy, the portal of handmade stuff. This is my shop. Just in case…
twitter-icon A place to get information and the latest news about stories, books, authors, publishers… and a lot more
banner My blog about jewellery. I’m new to jewellery making, but I’m enjoying it really very much.
Shield-Nano-Side-Blue-Brown-RGB-HiRes NaNoWriMo is where Ghost Trilogy was born, but I did the challenge a few times before that. Writing a novel of at least 50k worlds in the month of November, a challenge to yourself, but best enjoyed if shared with friends. It’s always a great fun.
goodreads-logo I’m new to Goodeads, so there isn’t much about me here. But it looks like a fun place.

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