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Murder Mystery Game – The Crime: Feathers and Blood

From the fame thread:

Dear Museum Colleagues,

I have just been notified by security of a car break-in in the parking lot. Broken glass was found by a valet attendant. Please be aware of your surroundings, and do not leave your valuables unattended.

“Meet me in the room of the Storyteller exhibit after the gala. There’s something I think you should know.” That’s all the woman whispered to her. But when Ombretta got there, she only found a few black feathers in a pool of dark blood.

murder-mystery-and-mayhem-the-crime-part (1)


A mystery is always fun. Here are a few things you might want to do with this one

  1. Head over to the Etsy thread of the mystery and see what the other members are up to
  2. Have a look to the other treasuries in the ‘crime’ stream
  3. And if you’d like to leave a comment in the comment box below, don’t hold back… I won’t suspect you of anything

Ain’t We Got Fun?


Dark Sonata


Wherever the Steel Track of Night Brings Me


Snow White

snow-white (2)

If You Want the Story, Come and Get It


And what about you? Do you know the story?


Every Heart Has a Key

From a fellow Etsyan


And the Clock Ticks, and the Night Falls



Another of my treasuries for my Etsy Shop. I love doing collections of stempunk stuff.

Dieselpunk Me

I own a shop over on Etsy. I make jewellery with a steampunk twist.

On Etsy, you have the possibility to do what they call treasuries and are basically collections of items. These treasuries are usually themed, though the theme is up to you.

I did a few treasuries with a steampunk theme, but recently I composed my first dieselpunk treasury.

Here it is.


It turned out a nice diesel mood, don’t you think?



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