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Thursday Quotables – The Hot Dry Spell

The opening moan of a cello signaled the rest of the orchestra to chime in. Ariane let the atmosphere surround her. A smoky haze draped over the crowd that was enthralled by her song of unreturned love and the dancers that slinked around her in synchronized dance.

Don’t tell me not to love you

Then she felt and saw him through the mist of her mind as the song continued. The smoky atmosphere of the club slipped away to reveal the cool Chicago evening. Ariane continued to sing as the scene played out like a movie.

My heart won’t lie
To my head that
Can’t say goodbye

In the vision, Gerry straightened out his suit and led his men toward the river that connected the Fae realm to the mortal one.

quotation-marks4This is a story of Fae and werewolves in Prohibition Era Chicago, which is a very intriguing idea, in my opinion. As Rea Lori says in her guest post, she’s going to write more about this world and I can’t wait to read it.

You can read my review of this short here.


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