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8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks

dieselpunkssquarelogo8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks is an idea sponsored by the Dieselpunks website.
This is what it is all about: dieselpunks and steampunk writers can post an eight-sentence-long snippet on the dedicated forum on Dieselpunks. Only eight sentences or less, from your work in progress or published story. The snippet goes up on Sunday morning.
People can read it, and comment on it, and offer opinions and generally try to help each other to become better storytellers.

I love the cooperative feel of this idea and really hope it will work out. I’ll certainly do my best, starting next Sunday.

I’ll be posting my snippet in here too.

If you’re a dieselpunk or steampunk writer, you may want to join. Or also if you write fiction of any genre set in the Twenties, like my story, and you’d like to exchange snippets, just leave a comment in here with a link. I’ll be happy to return the visit and read your snippet.

So… I hope to see you on Sunday.


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